Classic Carrot Cake

This simple stunner of a carrot cake features a wholesome mix of fresh carrot, pineapple and toasted coconut. Can you see the carrot bits in the cake? Go ahead --- zoom in close. It's delish. This cake is sam'miched with our old fashioned vanilla buttercream and extra toasted coconut, iced with vanilla meringue buttercream, and the sides are finished with a crunchy layer of more toasty coconut.

Classic Carrot Cake Classic Carrot Cake Classic Carrot Cake Classic Carrot Cake
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  • Cakes should be served at room temperature
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Serving Information

As pictured, this cake serves up to 10 guests. For more serving information see:

Delivery Available

If you're in the Philadelphia area, we can bring your dessert right to your door! Delivery to most Center City locations is $15-$25. Delivery minimums apply.

Classic Cake Sizes Available

6" cake (serves 10): $35, 8" cake (serves 20): $60, 10" cake (serves 30): $82.50, 12" cake (serves 50): $137.50

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as pictured: $35.00