Dogwood & Dragonflies Cookie Gift Box

A colorful springtime cookie gift set. Comes with three dogwood blossoms and three dragonflies. One-of-a-kind!

Dogwood & Dragonflies Cookie Gift Box Dogwood & Dragonflies Cookie Gift Box
Product Details: 
  • Cookie flavor: Vanilla shortbread
  • Cookies are covered with almond royal icing
  • All of our creations are hand-decorated by us at the bakery
  • Individually wrapped and tied with matching ribbons
  • Allergy Alert: Icing contains pure nut extract

Shipping Available

We ship our cookies anywhere across the continental U.S. via Priority Mail. If you need your cookies shipped, please ask us so we can give you a quote.

Delivery Available

If you're in the Philadelphia area, we can bring your dessert right to your door! Delivery to most Center City locations is $15-$25. Delivery minimums apply.

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as pictured: $24.00