Framed Photo Graduation Cake

This smooth-iced buttercream cake is topped with an edible framed photo of the distinguished graduate, and of course a cap and diploma. Perfect for hose who want to have their cake and eat it too. A high-resolution photo must be emailed to us in order to create this cake!

Framed Photo Graduation Cake Framed Photo Graduation Cake
Product Details: 

  • Cake as pictured is 6" in diameter, serving up to 10 people
  • Other sizes available!
  • 8" cake serving up to 20 people: $85
  • 10" cake serving up to 30 people: $117.5
  • 12" cake serving up to 50 people: $172.5
  • Cakes should be served at room temperature
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    Serving Information

    As pictured, this cake serves up to 10 guests. For more serving information see:

    Delivery Available

    If you're in the Philadelphia area, we can bring your dessert right to your door! Delivery to most Center City locations is $15-$25. Delivery minimums apply.

    Add a Message

    We can add a short message like "Happy Birthday Matilda" to the top of this cake for free, If it fits on the cake, we'll pipe it. Just ask!

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    Order 215-598-5449

    as pictured: $60.00