Lovely Lily Cake

This cake features our super smooth buttercream icing and handpainted lily blossoms on top of the cake. 

Lovely Lily Cake Lovely Lily Cake Lovely Lily Cake
Product Details: 
  • Cake as pictured is 8" in diameter, serving up to 20 people
  • This is a lovely top for one of our wedding cupcake towers
  • Other sizes available
  • 6" cake serving up to 10 people: $60 (one lily on top)
  • 10" cake serving up to 30 people: $150 (three lilies on top)
  • Cakes should be served at room temperature

Serving Information

As pictured, this cake serves up to 20 guests. For more serving information see:

Delivery Available

If you're in the Philadelphia area, we can bring your dessert right to your door! Delivery to most Center City locations is $15-$25. Delivery minimums apply.

Add a Message

We can add a short message like "Happy Birthday Matilda" to the top of this cake for free, If it fits on the cake, we'll pipe it. Just ask!

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as pictured: $110.00