Word Search Wedding Cake

This cake features square fondant-iced tiers with a custom word seach unique to your relationship! 100% unique. As seen in Philadelphia Wedding Magazine (Fall/Winter 2012 issue). 

Word Search Wedding Cake Word Search Wedding Cake Word Search Wedding Cake
Product Details: 
  • Cake pictured includes 6" and 8" square tiers
  • This cake can be sized appropriately for any wedding

Serving Information

As pictured, this cake serves up to 50 guests. For more serving information see:

It's Good to Taste

The best way to choose your cake is to book a tasting. Try 5 flavors for $20. Let's plan your cake!

Delivery Available

If you're in the Philadelphia area, we can bring your dessert right to your door! Delivery to most Center City locations is $15-$25. Delivery minimums apply.

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per serving: $13.00